Top Five Destinations of Yazd

Top Five Destinations of Yazd


As the first historical city of Iran, Yazd entered the UNESCO World Heritage list in July of 2017! Yazd’s hot desert surroundings have caused its architectural style to adapt over the generations and in doing so, it’s justly nicknamed the ‘city of wind-catchers’

There are far too many phenomenal destinations in Yazd to fit on this tiny list. Although we’ve somewhat tried to condense the options, by no means can you even grasp a hair of its ancient and alluring history by only visiting the top 5!

The Exquisite Amir Chakhmaq Complex (Tekyeh Amir Chakhmaq)

Built around 600 years ago during the 15th century, the three bronze-old-men by the fountain, graciously draw-in the visiting tourists through Amir Chakhmaq square. The picturesque pearl of the Timurid Dynasty features a beautiful display of sunken arched alcoves in perfect symmetry.

YAZD’S TOP 5 DESTINATIONS (Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq)

Among its magnificent three story facase of arches, visitors and tourists will be able to also check out a 6 century old traditional caravanersai, hammam (bathhouse), bazaar and of course, the famous ‘Tekyeh’ structure built in commemoration of the late Imam Hussein Ibn Ali!  Read the full article.


2- The Majestic Dolat Abad Garden (Bagh-e Dolat Abad)

Wandering through the desert-city of Yazd, it’s not unlikely for the heat to make one start wishing for or even hallucinating about stumbling into some kind of a miraculous oasis, however Bagh-e Dolat Abad is certainly no hallucination.

Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq
Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq (DOLAT ABAD GARDEN)

Built in 1747 and also known as Dolat Abad Garden, this lush eight hectare paradise is nobody’s playground. Except for maybe the almighty Khan, Mohammad Karim Khan Zand, who built it as his personal mansion!

This beautiful garden (one of nine in Iran) has been an officially registered UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011… Read the full article.

3- The Ancient and Sacred Yazd Fire Temple (Atashkadeh Yazd)

For nearly 2,000 years, it has been the strong Zoroastrian’s faith which has kept the sacred fire of the Yazd Atashkadeh (Fire Temple) or Atash Behram consistently aflame through the ages in Iran.

Attracting travellers and tourists from the farthest distances, this temple is one of nine Atash Behrams. The other eight being in India, it is the only one of its kind in all of Iran.

Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq
Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq (YAZD FIRE TEMPLE)

Atash Behram translates to ‘victorious fire’. This description is a label of the highest degree of sacred fires, rather than the name of the temple itself. The Atashkadeh, itself, was funded and built in 1934 by the Parsi Zoroastrian Association in Bombay, India… Read the full article.


4- The Antiquated Jameh Mosque of Yazd (Masjed-e Jameh Yazd)

For nearly a thousand years, the residents of Yazd’s Muslim community have gathered at this beautiful holy-place of worship, Jameh Mosque (Masjed Jameh), to participate in the collective Friday-prayer ritual. Historians say that this mosque was originally constructed in place of the old Sassanid Fire Temple in the 12th century.

Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq
Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq (YAZD FIRE TEMPLE)

Built in the Azeri-style of architecture, the Jameh Mosque of Yazd is a fantastic representation of authentic Persian Architecture. No travellers or visitors to Yazd should miss experiencing and seeing this staple of ancient Muslim tradition… Read the full article.


5- The Sacred Chak Chak Fire Temple (Atashkadeh Chak Chak)

Filled with mystery and wonder, tourists and pilgrims travel the mountainous desert lands of central Iran in quest of visiting the sacred Chak Chak Fire Temple, also known as Pir-e Sabz (The Green Pir). The most sacred Zoroastrian mountain-shrine sits elegantly right beneath a towering cliff face in the middle of what seems like nowhere. About an hour drive away from Yazd city, the secluded shrine is met by waves of visitors every year.

Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq
Jalal-al-Din Amir Chaqmaq (CHAK CHAK FIRE TEMPLE)

Thousands of Zoroastrian pilgrims from all over Iran and neighbouring countries travel to the sacred pir annually. Tradition tells us of how pilgrims are to stop riding as soon as they see the temple and walk the remaining distance to it… Read the full article.

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