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Welcome to our website and application. This website has been designed to assist travellers and tourists whom are not familiar with Iran and need a virtual guide to search and find the information they need to plan their trip. The use of ‘us, our, we and goingIRAN’ are all used to reference the mother company, Studio Sattari – located at #13, No. 15, 20th Alley, Gisha. Tehran-Iran   Phone: (+98-21) 88638700

You may use this website and its services only under your agreement to the followings terms and conditions.

By entering this website and using its services, it is implied that you have agreed to its terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions of this website very carefully as its rules and restrictions are a part-of and enforceable by the law. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions stated here, do not use this site or any of its services.

The terms and conditions of this website may be updated or changed without notice and therefore by agreeing to the conditions, you also agree to the responsibility of checking this section for any changes by referring to the ‘last edit date’ at the bottom of the page.

How to use our website
As the first condition, you accept that all of the information you have provided is correct, complete and truthful. Upon opening a user account with goingIRAN, you are solely responsible for the safety and use of it. If, for any reason, you share your account information with anyone else that may use your account, you are still the sole responsible individual.

Restricted activities
All of data and information on this website that includes, but is not limited to: comments, information, photographs, videos, articles/passages, maps, graphic design, software, applications and anything else on the website belong to goingIRAN, in which unauthorized copying or publishing of any of the material is strictly forbidden.

Upon visiting and using the goingIRAN website you agree that you may not use, copy, transfer, present, print and sell any of the information, software, good and services found on this website and application for your any purpose.

You also agree that:
You may not use this website for your own business and economic purposes.

  1. Access, use and any form of copying of the information and data on this website may only happen through written request.
  2. Links to any section of this website to other websites without written request is strictly forbidden.

Review, supervision and application of other areas of agreement
We appreciate and encourage all forms of feedback and participation from our users. Please be aware that any material sent to us via e-mail or website questionnaire, survey, comments, feedback, suggestions, photographs, videos, ideas, and post-related activity becomes property of goingIRAN with all of its rights, at no expense. You recognize that goingIRAN may select any written material you have posted on our website and application to be reviewed held as contract between you and us.

As previously stated, upon dishonouring the legal rights of any person, information, and material related to goingIRAN can and will be punishable by law. Users, hence, accept that they have no right to publish any unauthorized material.

For the use of the comments and review forum section of this website, the following rules apply:

  1. Use of any words, pictures, videos, music, sounds, graphics or any other such material that is illegal, offensive, discriminatory, derogatory, abusive, threatening and of harmful or of bad merit towards any user’s rights is strictly forbidden.
  2. Use of any words, pictures, videos, music, sounds, graphics or any other such material must be acceptable within the national laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Any material that violates the Islamic law will be dealt with the standard procedure of the Iranian legal system.
  3. Any form of unwanted advertisement regarding any person or organization, political/religious point of view, contest, lottery or any related material is considered a violation to the rights of this website.
  4. Presentation of the personal information (first/last name, phone number, location, credit card number…etc.) is considered a violation to the rights of this website.
  5. GoingIRAN has the right to apply legal action to sender of any viruses or malicious content that may be harmful to its website.
  6. Any content that violates Iran’s Islamic Law is subject to removal without any given notice.

GoingIRAN does not accept responsibility for any presented materials by any direct or third-party users of the website that are of dishonest, harmful, deceitful, offensive, insulting, pornographic, and inhumane and therefore regards such material as a violation to the rights of this website. Any material that violates goingIRAN’s rights is subject to be removed without prior notice.

Links to third-party websites
It is possible that you may find and access a link to another partner/reference website, or vice versa, through goingIRAN. In this case, it is important that users understand that every site has its own specific privacy policy and terms of use and therefore every user is responsible for their own rights and privacy upon entering another website. GoingIRAN does not accept any responsibility for the on-goings, activities and content of any other website.

Copyright and administrative procedures
All of the published content on this website have all rights reserved. All goingIRAN symbols, logos (arrow) and graphic designs of this website are property of the studio Sattari. Solely studio Sattari holds the right to publish and use the formerly stated material.

Any use of the goingIRAN graphics (logo, symbol, design) may only happen through the written request of the user and the acceptance of goingIRAN. Upon our realization of any violation of goingIRAN’s rights, legal action will be taken.

Prevailing laws and legal system
This website has been officially registered within the Islamic Republic of Iran’s business registration system and is compliant to its specific rules and regulations. Any violations against its personal rights will be punishable by law.

General agreement
You agree that you have no relationship with goingIRAN as a joint investor, joint venture, partner, or employment and are in contact with us via the goingIRAN website.