Internet Access in Iran for Tourists, Problem Solved

Internet Access in Iran for Tourists, Problem Solved

Lack of practical and enough information about internet access in Iran may be one of the main concerns of tourists travelling to Iran. However, there is no possibility to use the local SIM cards of many countries in Iran, or the expenses would be too high. For solving such problems, GoingIRAN team has gathered all the useful tips on internet access in Iran to answer all the questions. After reading this article, you would know how to access the internet in Iran, how to activate it and recharge it, operators providing the services and their tariffs, and tips to benefit the best available services.


 Internet in Iran (Internet Access in Iran)

You will get an average connection speed in Iran. More than 60% of Iran population are using internet connection and that is the reason for internet service operators to improve the connection quality. Private and semiprivate companies are providing internet access in Iran, thus a gradual competition in quality and services is observed. Recently, two main and dominant companies in Iran, Irancell and Hamrahe Aval, are providing internet access for tourists visiting Iran. Internet in iran coverage provided by these operators covers the whole country and almost in each and every city and countryside you may access the internet connection and the services supported by them. internet access in Iran Tips Article

Logo of two operators in Iran Internet in Iran
Logo of two operators in Iran – Internet access in Iran

Tourist SIM Card Services Provided by Two Main Iranian Operators 

For internet access in Iran, you need to purchase an Irancell or Hamrahe Aval Tourist SIM Card, which is a prepaid SIM card and you will be able to purchase it easily on your arrival in Iran. There is no need to have an international SIM card or paying high costs for international calls and internet access. By using Tourist SIM Card, you can make local and international phone calls, send SMS, and enjoy the high speed Internet in Iran, and share your loving memories with your friends and family!


How to Get Tourist SIM Card for Internet Access in Iran 

You can purchase your Tourist SIM Card on your arrival, from stalls available in ground floor of Imam Khomeini International Airport, otherwise you may get it from Irancell and Hamrahe Aval authorized dealers in any city. This SIM card doesn’t need to be activated and it can be used as soon as you install it in your phone.

Notice: for Purchasing Tourist SIM Card, you may need your passport number.


How to Activate Irancell and Hamrahe Aval Internet Connection? 

The high speed internet connection service would be activated as soon as you install these SIM cards in your phone, thus no operational code and settings are required.


How to Recharge Tourist SIM Card?

You can recharge your SIM card provided by both mentioned operators through ATM, POS, Shops, and authorized dealers and also web kiosks installed in public places.

You also may recharge your SIM card through authorized web sites (mentioned beneath). In this method, you need second password of a Tourist Card to pay for your internet connection online. (internet access in Iran recharge Tips)

Shopping of two operators of Internet in Iran
Shopping of two operators – Internet Access in Iran

Charging and Checking your Hamrahe Aval Operator Account: 

Dial *140*#Charge code# for charging your internet connection.

Dial *140*11# for balance inquiry.

SIM card charge web site address

Online instruction to recharge Hamrah Aval SIM card


Charging and Checking your Irancell Operator Account: 

Dial *141*charge code# for charging your internet connection.

Dial *141*1# for balance inquiry.

SIM card charge web site address

Online instruction to recharge Irancell SIM card


Hamrahe Aval Operator Tariff: 

This operator provides blue and orange color packages of Tourist SIM Cards.

Blue package (for professional tourists)

Primary balance 300.000 Rls.
Free high speed internet for one month 3GB
Cost 500.000 Rls.
SIM card validity 60 Days


 Orange Package (Normal)

Primary balance 5.000 Rls.
Free high speed internet None
Cost 50.000 Rls.
SIM card validity  60 Days


 Tourist SIM Card Tariff

Service Tariff (Rls.)
Hamrahe Aval call 670
Other operators call 937
Land line call 670
SMS 274
SMS abroad 1400
Internet connection (kb/IRR) 750


Irancell Operator Tariff: 

Below table shows various Tourist SIM Card and tariff.

Tourist SIM1 Tourist SIM2 Tourist SIM3
Package cost 200.000 Rls. 350.000 Rls. 500.000 Rls.
Valid for 1 month 1 month 1 month
Primary balance 20.000 Rls. 140.000 Rls. 220.000 Rls.
Internet balance 1.5 GB 3 GB 5 GB


Pay Attention to the Points Below While Purchasing your Tourist SIM Card:

*It is mandatory to have your passport for purchasing Tourist SIM Card for Internet Access in Iran

*Make sure to purchase SIM card and recharge code from valid authorized shops.

*Do not purchase recharge codes which are already printed.

*In case you enter wrong activation code four times, your SIM card would be blocked.

*Use the mentioned instructions for online recharge of your SIM card. Do not recharge your SIM through invalid web sites.

*Keep the receipt of recharge for further pursuits.

*Unfortunately, online recharge is only done through Farsi language web sites. You may ask a trusted person to do the online recharging for you.

*For online recharge, you may need a Tourist Card and the second password of the account.

*If you realize your balance is less than what you purchased, its due to the tax pay, there`s no need to worry.

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