Rayen Castle, One of the World’s Largest Adobe Structures to Ever Exist, in Iran

Rayen Castle, One of the World’s Largest Adobe Structures to Ever Exist, in Iran

Also referred to as Arg-e Rayen, the Rayen Castle is known to be the second largest adobe (mudbrick) structure in the world, after the world-famous Arg-e Bam or Bam Citadel in Iran!

With a total area of over 22,000 square meters, it’s no wonder why ancient castle in Iran draws so many tourists to itself. Rayen Castle’s features are comparable to Arg-e Bam in many ways.

Travelers can find this stunning medieval castle about 100 km south of the Kerman province, near Haraz Mountain. Unlike Arg-e Bam, which was completely destroyed in an earthquake in December 2003, Rayen Castle is extremely well preserved.

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Rayen Castle in Kerman, Iran (Arg-e Rayen)
Rayen Castle in Kerman, Iran (Arg-e Rayen)

Rayen Castle in Persian History

Despite being at the least 1,500 years old, there is much speculation about Rayen Castle’s roots dating back to the Sassanid Era, prior to Islam. Nowadays, the ancient marvel is a completely deserted citadel.

In the history books of Kerman it has been written about the Rayen Castle dating back to the 7th century. Albeit these historical inscriptions, other major adobe structures have been known to have existed in the same area even prior to Rayen, but been destroyed by natural causes.

There has also been a mention in ancient Persian history, about the failed attempts of the Arabs in conquering this city. Thanks to its high walls, the Sassanid emperors and their people remained safe against the invasion efforts.

Interestingly enough, however, this mudbrick citadel was known to have been inhabited up until the very recent 150 years ago! The beautiful structure is a true landmark of Iranian history.

Rayen Castle in Kerman, Iran

Features of the Adobe Castle

The phenomenal adobe citadel is pretty much a square-shape with tall cylindrical towers guarding its perimeter. Big 10 meter-high walls surround the castle complex and protect it from persistent invaders.

The only entranceway into the ancient mudbrick castle is through the elaborately designed portal, in the south east of the walls.

Inside the tall walls, visitors and tourists will be able to find various structures. The Rayen Castle compound has a bazaar, royal residence, affluent residences, regular residences, storage rooms, atashkade (fire temple) and general assembly areas. Some other more structures such as a school and a quarantine-building can also be found here!

With the Bam Citadel having been levelled with the ground, this is a second chance for all world travelers and tourists to get a taste of a very similar and extremely rewarding experience!

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How to get to the Rayen Castle

The antiquated fortress is located 100 kilometers south in the Kerman Province, in the heart of the town of Rayen.


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