The word ‘house’ in Borujerdi House is very much an understatement in describing this dazzlingly lavish mansion; built in 1857, Kashan, it took 18 years to complete this masterpiece of traditional Persian residential architecture. Aside from being sturdy, the Borujerdi House’s foundation is quite a romantic one as well. It was built by Ostad Ali Maryam Kashani for Haj Mehdi Borujerdi’s wife; bride of the Tabatabaei family. Wanting to impress the bride from the affluent Tabatabaei’s, Haj Mehdi commissioned the same architect of the Tabatabaei house to build a structure just as or even more breathtaking than the last one! Come along with goingIRAN to learn and discover more about this attraction!

traditional Persian residential architecture
traditional Persian residential architecture “Borujerdi house”

Aside from the main residence, the gigantic property consists of three 40 meter tall wind towers and a beautifully decorated rectangular courtyard with a central pool; reflecting the image of the lustrous home. On either side of the shallow pool are elongated gardens of many green trees and colorful flora. Every signature of classical Persian residential architecture can be found in this precious mini-oasis. The main entrance, one of three, is an octagonal shaped foyer completely adorned in finely detailed arches of plasterwork, linear designs and skylights. Seen throughout all of the interior rooms and façade of this incredible spectacle is a superabundance of mesmerizing carvings, plasterwork and stucco works, and exceptional rare paintings by the internationally renowned Kamal-Ol-Molk. Handmade meshed wooden doors and skylights create a fantastic ambience by allowing the sunlight to dance as it filters indoors. It is quite difficult to fully digest the presence of this magnificent building “Borujerdi house”, without spending a few hours of looking in awe, as its sheer size and the amount of dense decorative features cause an overwhelmingly unique feeling and headspace. Just picture living and walking around in such a sensational environment, where all the walls, ceilings and doors have all been graced by Iran’s finest artists and craftsmen!


The Borujerdi House’s design is specialized for thriving in desert climates, however it is not just a summer house. The southern wing of the residence was made to receive a lot of sunlight and therefore was mainly utilized in the colder seasons. The main northern parts of the home were used more in the hotter seasons, as they benefited from the miraculous cool breezes coming through the wind towers. Cooling the arid desert winds before bringing them in, the wind towers consistently kept the house at surprisingly cool temperatures. They are often the point of much attention; studied closely for their unique design and material. The huge towers are made of stone, bricks and a composition of straw, clay and mortar.
Everything to do with the magnificent Borujerdi House is simply breathtaking. Over the years, it has attracted the attention of numerous local and international architects, engineers, artists and technicians. They come to witness and learn from the meticulous decorative features, as well as the sophisticated structural designs and features. Just recently the architectural masterpiece received some duly earned press when the President of UNESCO’s General Conference visited and claimed the house to be, “…the most beautiful historical house in Asia”. Indeed, absorbing the true grandeur and resilience of this abode takes hours and hours of being lost in all of its fine brilliant craftsmanship.

City/Town: Kashan
Street Address: Borujerdi house, Alavi Street,.
Operating Days: Every day
Operating Hours: 9am – 7pm
Typical Price: 150.000 Rls. (15.000 Tomans)
Neighbourhood: Imamzadeh Abo Lolo – Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse – Abbasian house – Mozaffari traditional restaurant – Tabatabaei house – Ameri hotel – Sadeghi house – Taj house

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