The Elegant Mirror & Lighting Museum in Yazd, Iran

The Elegant Mirror & Lighting Museum in Yazd, Iran

Also referred to as Mirror Palace Museum, Museum of Mirrors and the Persian ‘Qasr-e Ayeneh’, the beautifully crafted Mirror & Lighting Museum is Yazd is a wonderful piece of 20th century Iranian craftsmanship.

Albeit its hybrid Euro-Persian architecture design, the entire palace has been constructed by only the hands of master Persian craftsmen. It’s a true travelers’ delight, as visitors can not only see a wonderful Persian Palace building, but they can also check out a museum!

Come along with goingIRAN to see what’s happening at this beautiful Persian Palace in Yazd, Iran.

A Brief Page in Mirror & Lighting Museum’s History

Built in 1931, during Shah Pahlavi’s reign, the Mirror Palace was mainly meant for hosting private ceremonies and catering to guests of royal family.       After the Islamic Revolution, it was confiscated and turned into the museum that visitors see today.

Among the many mansions and palaces in Iran, you could say, this one reflects the Persian culture particularly well (Yup, that just happened).

Mirror Palace Museum
Mirror Palace Museum

What’s Alight at the Palace

The palace sits at a comfortable 837 square meters in the beautiful 8174 square meter garden that surrounds it.

The big outside courtyard, centered with a shallow pool, does wonders for the reflection effects. With rooms and corridors brilliantly decorated with fine stucco, plaster and mirror work, the eyes have minimal time to rest.

Interestingly, this royal mansion is not all built in the Traditional Persian style. The beautiful Persian palace has a hybrid architectural style, combing the European and traditional Persian styles together.

The bedroom, the rooms facing the pool, the ‘king’s seat’, the ‘guest reception’ and the famous ‘basin room’ are all a part of the hybrid-architecture.

Wall to ceiling of the Mirror & Lighting Museum’s is adorned in beautifully crafts plasterwork, wall paintings and, of course, mirrorwork. Among them, the Basin Room is the most popular and most magnificently decorated. All of the windows and doors, here, have been finely handcrafted with wood and stained glass.

All of these stunning decorative elements have come hand in hand in creating a truly precious Persian Palace, indeed fit for royalty. Strolling through the different areas may sometimes leave tourists wondering about the mysterious and luxurious lives that were lived here!

Mirror & Lighting Museum Artifacts

The name says it all. The museum artifacts, very fittingly, are antique Persian objects and instruments related to lighting and mirrors. Such objects would be a variety of lanterns: oil burners, wax/candle burners, gas burners and electrical burners.

Alongside the lightings, 124 mirrors of different shapes, sizes and uses can also be found at the museum – mostly having belonged to the royalty of various empires. The oldest artifacts of this sort date all the back to the ancient Sassanid Period!

Dating back to about 2000 BC, however, another small collection of items can also be found here. The hand written scriptures, weapons, coins, books, stamps, locks…etc. have been left behind by the late Seyed Hossain Heydari (a Yazdi collector).

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