Wandering through the beautiful laidback coastal city of Chabahar, in southern Iran, the curious tourists and travellers that end up here can be categorized as true explorers and Iran enthusiasts.  The Kuh-e Merikhi (Martian Mountain or Mars Mountain) are this undiscovered city’s fantastic geo-morphological phenomena. This incredible stretch of mountains, that parallels the Oman Sea, is something that truly seems to be outer planetary. The strangely formed and sized mountains are made of a red, grey and white type of soil. They’ve been very uniquely shaped by wind and rain erosion throughout many past years, and have been rarely talked about or visited by anyone. Come along with goingIRAN to learn and discover more about this attraction!

KUH-E MERIKHI is Located about 45 km away from Chabahar City, towards the Gwadar Port, visitors are faced with a very science fictional landscape. The phenomenal mountains vary in size, the smallest being five and the largest one hundred meters tall. They are home to a plethora of rare and ancient sea shell and sea-critter fossils. Due to their unique soil and sediment composition, these miniature extraterrestrial mountains are considered as badlands. Being in this environment is truly unique, in the sense that one actually seizes to feel that they are still on Earth!  Take a deep breath and imagine yourself, temporarily, isolated on the moon’s strange gray and white surface. The best recommended time to visit this area is either morning or evening, as you won’t find any shade to cool off under. Although this place is renowned as the Mars Mountains, their much more closely resemble mountains you would see on the moon (as they’re mostly composed of grey and white sediment). Another extraordinary feature of this area is the pink ocean that’s located right across from the Martian mountain range! The combination of these features come together to create truly exceptional scenery.

Such extraordinary geographical formations are only attributed to this southern area of Iran. The reason it’s less-travelled to is due to the lack of information on its existence and recognition by tour organizations. However, now that you’ve read this post you can set yourself apart from the unaware and be of the initial few that have visited this rare outer planetary landscape!

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