The Divine Hasht Behesht Palace in Isfahan

The Divine Hasht Behesht Palace in Isfahan

A great tribute to Iran’s culture, standing to be one of the most beautiful places in Iran left from the Safavid Era, Hasht Behesht Palace was once the residence of the Safavid Empire’s final rulers.

The name Bagh-e Hasht Behesht translates directly into The Garden of Eight Heavens/Paradises. In essence the name is referring to ‘the entrance to heaven’.

The beautiful palace structure at Bagh-e Hasht Behesht features a fantastic variety of exterior and interior decoration. Contrary to the symmetrical works in traditional Persian art, the octagonal palace structure features different ornamentation on every side!

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Hasht Behesht Palace - Photo by Mahshid Mazaheri
Hasht Behesht Palace – Photo by Mahshid Mazaheri

A Glimpse at the Heavenly Palace

Being located almost in the center of Bagh-e Naghshe Jahan, the Hasht Behesht Palace and garden are a part of the bigger garden that encompasses the whole area.

The architecture and interior design of the magnificent palace flows in and through itself effortlessly. Different styles architecture and décor meet one another to create a seamlessly beautiful structure.

Although its garden has been transformed into a park and has seen several changes throughout the ages, the palace is still a highly visited destination for its cultural history and significance.

The Hasht Behesht Garden (park), surrounds the old palace and is currently a very well-known and popular destination in Isfahan.

Other names for Bagh-e Hasht Behesht, aside from Hasht Behesht Garden, are Hasht Be Hasht, Bagh-e Bolbol and Hasht Dar Behesht.

Hasht Behesht Palace Isfahan Iran
Hasht Behesht Palace – Photo by Mahshid Mazaheri

The Antiquated Palace’s History

Built in 1669, Hasht Behesht Palace is the only remaining mansion, out of the forty that once stood during the Safavid Dynasty. For roughly 67 years it remained the home of the Safavid imperial families.

Since the time of its foundation, and through the Qajar Era, Hasht Behesht Palace has gone through quite a few changes and reconstructions in its decoration.

So much so that some the explorers and historians of Iran’s culture classify some of the artwork as Qajari Art.


Hasht Behesht’s Divine Beauty

One of Hasht Behesht Palace’s finest features is its antiquated tilework, accompanying traditional Persian drawings. Here, a wide array of tiles can be found with depictions of a variety of animals such as birds, reptiles and their predators.

The palace structure is in the shape of an octagon and has four main facades. Although being symmetrical in shape, no two faces of it share the same features!

From its architectural layout, it appears as if the north façade was the main entrance. However due to the existence of a pool on the east wing, the east is currently used as the main entryway.

Interestingly, the two-story Hasht Behesht Palace has been built two-meters above ground level. Unique stairways, located on every side of the building, give visitors access into and out of each floor.

The palace interior also houses some nice features; the first floor, with rooms on all four corners boasting beautiful ornamentation of stucco carving and paintings.

On the second floor, visitors can check out a series of porches and rooms with handmade and intricately ornamented wood doors and windows adorned in khatam-kari.

The central hall features a marble pool and fountain, known as Hoz-e Morvarid which means ‘Pearl Pool’. The charming pool gets its name from the way from the way water spouts from its fountain in little drops, representing a string of pearls.


Getting to Heaven

As with many other popular destinations in Isfahan, the Bagh-e Hasht Behesht is quite easy to find. It’s conveniently located right across the south of Chehel sotoun Palace and is two blocks west of Naghsh-e Jahan Square

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City/Town: Isfahan
Address: Bagh-e Hasht Behesht, Chaharbagh-e Abbassi Street,
Operating days: Every day
Operating Hours: 9am. to 5pm.
Typical Price: 150.000 Rls.
Neighborhood: Chahar Bagh School, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Naghsh-e Jahan Square


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