Kashan’s Rustic Marketplace, the Traditional Bazaar of Kashan

Kashan’s Rustic Marketplace, the Traditional Bazaar of Kashan

The Bazaar of Kashan, also known as Bazaar-e Kashan and Kashan Bazaar, is recognized as one of the best in Iran while finding its origins dating back to the Seljuq Empire some 800-1000 years ago.

Being one of the top bazaars in all of Iran, this marketplace is among the most important historical sites in the city of Kashan. Its current location has been a hub of trading and commerce for over 1,000 years!

Since over half a millennia ago, travelers, tourists and globetrotters alike have marveled at the vastness and beauty of the Bazaar of Kashan’s structure. Spanning for many miles, the multi-domed and arcaded pathways of the historic marketplace still receive the attendance of eager shoppers and visitors.

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Bazaar of Kashan
Bazaar of Kashan

The Bazaar of Kashan, History and Foundation

The peak of this historic bazaar dates back to the Safavid Era and the reign of Shah Abbas I. Though, undoubtedly, The Bazaar of Kashan is still one of Iran’s most popular and most bustling places of commerce.

The actual bazaar structure seen today, unfortunately, isn’t the exact same as it was in the Seljuq Era. About 100 year back, during the Qajar Dynasty, an earthquake ravaged Kashan City and its traditional marketplace.

Many parts of the vast bazaar, caravanserais, mosques, schools and surrounding shops were destroyed. However, they were all renovated on the same frame and design as the original; perhaps with a little added contemporary flavor of the time.

Bazaar of Kashan
Bazaar of Kashan

Unique Features of Kashan Bazaar

There are many little historical attractions at the Bazaar of Kashan for tourists and travelers to explore. Aside from shops and merchants, visitors can check out a number of mosques, caravanserais, madrasah, hammams, restaurants and tea houses!

Of the most noteworthy attractions at the Bazaar of Kashan is its architecture, especially the much revered Timche-ye Amin Od-Dowleh. Tim means caravanserai and the suffix –che means little.

Timche-ye Amin Od-Dowleh draws much attention to itself mainly because of the beauty of its captivating dome and marvelous surroundings. Following the traditional structure, this area, which used to be a caravanserai, is a covered area.

Protected from the elements, it is mainly used for the sale of the more delicate and expensive items, such as carpets.

Needless to say, we know you’re here to check out the on goings of the bazaar. There are two main pathways that each branch out into numerous alleys; each section catering to a specific trade.

By virtue of tradition, the various sections of Bazaar-e Kashan have been named after the products and services that they offer. For example: bazaar-e mesgarha (coppersmith’s bazaar), bazaar-e zargarha (goldsmith’s bazaar), bazaar-e bazaazha (draper’s bazaar), bazaar-e farsh forushha (carpet merchant’s bazaar)… and so on.

Just add the name of any type of a product or trade to the word bazaar-e and viola, you will be directed to an entire alley of wall-to-wall shops of it!

Fascinating sights unravel as tourists walk through the busy bazaar’s alleyways. Many things catch the eye; shopkeepers using their space as a workshop and storefront creating their products right in front of you. A jeweler finishing, the final links of a gold necklace or perhaps the old grandmother, who is selling her homemade snacks or sandwiches.

No matter who you are, you will be guaranteed to be taken away, at least briefly, into the life of another world.

Best Times to Visit Bazaar of Kashan

From Saturday – Thursday, the flow of life starts at 9am – noon and then again from 4.30 – 8pm. Asatid, saatha va etelaate ruze Jom’e ro natunestam peida konam

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City/Town: Kashan
Address: Bazaar of Kashan Alley, Baba Afzal St., Kamal-ol molk Square
Operating Days: Everyday
Neighborhood: Jameh Mosque of Kashan


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