Up early at the break of dawn, no citizen of any colorful Torkaman nomadic tribe stays asleep until noon; the group must be in sync and move together at all times. This way of life does not only apply to the times that the tribes are travelling or changing residence. It reflects their entire outlook on life; many things in the Torkaman nomadic tribes are group-centered. Rich stories, age-old experiences and crucial lessons are passed down from elders of the tribes to the youth. These genuine, warm hearted and hospitable people have happily thrived with these traditions for multiple centuries. They must be doing something right! Come along with goingIRAN to learn and discover more about these rare people!

Heavily relying on family and group conformity, the Torkaman nomad families are a centered around the father of the household. They believe marriage should only take place within the tribes in order sustain their true authentic heritage. Children are brought up learning to train and breed horses and to gain knowledge and education in as much as they can. The youth also understand that learning about their tribal heritage and its traditions is a fundamental aspect of life. Every single young Torkaman child will be able to tell you, with broad detail, about this her/her ancestral background and lineage! The folks of these nomadic tribes have been officially recognized to exist since the 7th century.

Although these ancient tribes are scattered along the Middle East and Asia, Iran still has a population of about 1.3 million Torkamans in its North East. If you are a traveler who is interested in live authentic culture, then these treasured people may need a visit. Upon encountering these exceptional tribes, one will not be coming across an ancient building or monument. You will be witnessing a great many centuries of history, tradition and culture that moves and lives on with the people! Visiting nomad tribes with such rich history and culture is a truly unique experience and is very hard to put into words. Definitely do not miss out on these historical marvels, in motion!


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