Treading the scorching hot plains of Sistan & Baluchestan, every year the Baluchi Nomads make their way to the Mashgieh (Mashkel) date palms just in time for the collection and cooking of the sweet dates. Dodging 43-44oC heat in the summer, these tribes can up and change their locations, within a matter of hours! Their humble abodes are made of big black tents. It is the norm for the entire tribe to settle under this tent all together, with no partitions. Although they may not all be of the same blood, they are definitely all like family. Come along with goingIRAN to learn and discover more about this fascinating tribe!

The giant black tent is main place of gathering. The tribes cook food, bake fresh bread, tell stories, play games and sleep all in the same place; all together. It is a vastly different world than what any of us urban dwellers are used to experiencing. The relationships are all tight-knit; the compassion is always high and the times are tough. The Baluchi nomads mainly get by from raising and breeding livestock and producing dairy products from their milk. Aside from the seasonal picking of dates, agriculture does not really mean anything to these people. They are only in search of a livable climate and nice lush pastures for their herds!

As with many other of the nomadic tribes, the Baluchi nomads are also falling numbers; strictly due to water shortages. Back in the day, it was much easier to find clean flowing water to raise their livestock on. However during the past 17 years many of the rivers and straights in the area have dried up, due to negligence.

All is not lost however! Still today, the black tent dwellers are drawing more and more attention from foreign tourists and travellers. Also known as Ashayer-e Baluchi, these phenomenal relics of old times can be visited in South Eastern Iran, mainly in Khash, Sistan & Baluchestan. If you’re looking for a day or two of incredible and unrepeatable experience, you will surely want to check this tribe while you’re in the area!

Photo by Mahmoud Mir Bozorg


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