Located in ‘Bagh Ferdows’ (Ferdows’ Garden), the cinema museum is a playground for film lovers and art enthusiasts alike. The history of the museum’s building goes all the way back to Mohammad Shah Qajar’s ruling period. During the time of his reign, the complex was his royal family’s summer residence (circa 1800). From Mohammad Shah Qajar’s death in 1848 to, almost a century later, 1937, the complex changed several hands within the imperial families. In 1937, the Ministry of Education housed a primary and secondary school (Shapour Schools) in the complex. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979 up until 2002, the Ministry of Culture utilized the Bagh Ferdows complex as a center for film-making. In 2002, by request of the Board of Trustees, it turned into the Cinema Museum we see today. The Cinema Museum is, today, the recorder, collector, preserver, and presenter of the rich heritage of Iranian cinema.
The museum is divided into several halls and exhibitions: The Blue Hall, Central Hall, Cinema Hall, International Festival Hall, Sound Effects and Dubbing exhibition, History Underpass exhibition, Children and Adolescents exhibition, Holy Defense exhibition, Ali Hatami’s exhibition, The Armenian’s Room and Farhad’s House. These halls and exhibitions are brimming with famous photos, scene props, theater dolls, vintage handmade animations, costumes…etc.
Aside from the Cinema Museum, the Bagh Ferdows complex houses an active movie theater, two wonderful cafés, as well as multiple gift and souvenir shops to browse through.

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City/Town: Tehran
Street Address: Bagh-e Ferdows, Valiasr St.
Postal Code: 19617-43946
Telephone: (+98-21) 22705005-9
Operating Days: 2-5pm Friday and Holidays
Operating Hours: 9am – 5pm Sun-Thu
Typical Price: 200.000 Rils.
Neighborhood: Saadabad Palace – Tajrish Bazaar – Imamzadeh Saleh – Darband


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