What initially seems incredibly surreal to wonderstruck first-time tourists and travellers is, indeed, a very normal every-day reality for the simple yet ancient people of the phenomenal Kandovan Village in Northwestern Iran. The exceptionally rare cave-homes here are of the most organic in the world. Built into the heart of the large mountainous rock formations, the residents of Kandovan have been around for at least 700 years. Legend has it that many hundreds of years ago that Mount Sahand, an active volcano at the time, was what gave birth to these extraordinary rocky formations. Come along with goingIRAN to learn and discover more about this attraction!

Kando in Persian means bee hive and is where the unique village got its name. The locals say that their village was originally constructed as a result of the ancestors fleeing from the Mongolian army. Just the spectacular formations of these rocky little mountains are, alone, enough to draw quite a crowd. The fact that these villagers have carved two and four-storey houses out of them is what puts it over the top! The marvelous little isolated village tucked away in the undisturbed nature of the East Azerbaijan Province.

This rare village is also of great interest to advocates of architecture. All the while being very strong in structure, these cave-homes are extremely energy efficient. Residents rarely use heat in the winter or need air-conditioning in the summer. In terms of being an actual cave, these humble dwellings are far from uncomfortable. This extraordinary village also has a cave-hotel, in which visitors can or watch TV or even relax in hot tubs! This is a fantastic place for travellers wanting to relax on their trip and escape the busyness. A truly remarkable and rare destination in the world!

City/Town: Esfarjan / East Azerbaijan Province
Address: Kandovan village, Osku Kandovan Roadway, Esfarjan
Operating Days: Everyday
Operating Hours: 24 Hours
Typical Price: Free


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