The amazing two million year old valley on Qeshm Island, also called Darreh Setaregan, is a local legend made of completely natural cement and sand that has a very strange form and feel to it. Locals claim that it was first formed by the impact of a fallen star and has been formed through wind and rainstorm erosion since. The atmosphere is quite remarkable at this interesting valley; not much but the howling of the wind is heard. However, the sound of the wind here isn’t just a normal whistle… it has a certain presence to it. Come along with goingIRAN to learn and discover more about this destination!

The beautifully formed natural shapes of this valley make it quite a very interesting tourist destination. Big needle-shaped columns, straight vertical walls, naturally formed bridge and indentations leave a lot for the curious traveller to seek. Most of the formations of this are strangely smooth from due to many years of weathering. Locals also have a legend saying that at night time, the valley gets taken over by spirits and strange entities, however the people that actually work there during the night have told us it’s just wind!

Definitely don’t miss this valley. Although it’ll be a good 3-4 hours to fully check out, you are guaranteed to see some amazingly unique scenery. This is also a major hotspot of photographers of every skill level!


City/Town: Qeshm Island

Street Address:, Setaregan Road, Borke Khalaf town, Southeastern island


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